Re: Tek 576 Curve Tracer USB port to a cpu ... ?

Paul Amaranth

I've thought of making an LCD replacement for the 576 CRT. It would be
pretty neat, you could add a touch screen interface and calculate the
parameters on the fly (quite possible since you could get all of the
control settings as well as the X/Y data available). USB for data
download would be useful. I have a 576 with a double peaking CRT so
I'll probably get around toit one of these days.

I do development with arduinos and they are pretty amazing.
I don't think I'd use it for this though, the code space is
not that huge and it would be very easy to fill it up.
Maybe you could do it, but that doesn't fit my idea of
proper software. The finite state machine you have to use
for anything of complexity tends to get out of hand in
order to use the event loop paradigm embedded in them.

A multi threaded application would probably be a better

I also do not like the idea of having to use a PC for data
display. Software programs like that have a tendency to
wander away from the instrument. An since developers always
use the latest/neatest/etc package to build the UI it becomes
impossible to build after a few revisions down the road (IF
code is available - try building some of the Non-GNU SDR
software if you don't believe me). I've lost track of the
number of revisions of Qt I've had to use for various

It took me months to track down the TekMate software that interfaced
to the 24xx scopes.

My two cents.

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