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Hi Rick,
Thanks for pointing out this video. It is interesting for many reasons.
* How many people would tack on an additional $2,000 on top of $2,000 that this company sells a used 576 for. There is
* It is a very amateurish demonstration of something they want a lot of money for. The You Tube demo and an asking price of ~$2,000 are very inconsistent.
* At one point in the video he unplugs a USB cable but you can't see what it is being unplugged from. They appear to be very careful to not show the "black box" the USB cable plugs into that would be the hardware interface between the 576 and the Windows program.
* Does the "black box" have to be connected to points inside the 576?
* I went to their web site. They sell used electronic equipment like, among other things 576 curve tracers. I could not find anywhere on their site where I could learn more about it.

It would be possible to capture some of the information without opening the 576 up and connecting to points inside it. An A/D connected between the emitter and collector would capture the voltage being applied between those two terminals. The current steps flowing through the base are harder to digitize unless you insert a small resistor in the base current generator to measure them.

The A/D attached to the collector lead would have to handle a huge voltage range. I'm not sure how you would do that except by the user manually selecting what the range would be in advance so a resistive divider of the right attenuation could be inserted between the 576 and the A/D inside their interface box. The same would be true for the base current. You would have to specify what the step range is going to be so the gain of the trans-impedance amplifier (or whatever they use) to drive the base current A/D could be set to a range it could handle.

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Has anyone thought of interfacing a Tek 576 Curve Tracer (Or any of the other Tek Curve Tracers) to a laptop via USB ?

I have been thinking of putting an Arduino or Rasp Pi inside a Tek 576, with a few A/D & D I/O shields to get the data out for comparisons and automated measurements.

I just saw this YouTube Demo of a "pricy" USB conversion :
(dated Jan 30, 2019)

done by Tuntien of


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