Re: Tek 576 Curve Tracer USB port to a cpu ... ?


I think the voltages need to be picked off before they get to the
deflection plates. If you digitize the signals and send them across the
serial interface using an Arduino, all you need to do on the PC side is to
plot the stored samples of each voltage against each other - Ic is
essentially derived from a voltage across a 1 ohm resistor. You can use the
Matlib library to plot. the samples against each other - Ic vs Ib, Ic vs
Vce, etc. I don't think that you need access to any of the 576 controls
since the samples themselves get scaled automatically and dynamically by
Matlib when plotting.

I just finished writing a program using Python /PYQT5 to drill holes in a
PCB using an inexpensive GRBL based CNC machine - 3018 Pro (I paid $170).
GRBL based CNCs all use Arduinos. The program uses an affine matrix
transformation - so you don't need to line up the PCB to drill the holes
after etching.

I don't believe that it's all that difficult to do!

John Justin

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