Re: Hakko FR-301 alternatives?


Bert, my drum beats hail and hearty for anyone who can do a job with el-cheapo tools and the results are no different than using the super expensive "I wanna have one too" tools. I jest a bit but over the years I gave up on the idea of owning a de-soldering gun for one simple reason: With all of the garbage I work on all sorts of stuff gets into the suction channel, shards of oxidized solder, charred wire insulation, and flux ash. Taking time and effort to clean out the suction channel and emptying the collection cartridge was time wasted. If I constantly worked on circuit boards alone a gun would be great to have. So it's solder wick, hand desoldering pump, poking through clogged plated through holes, draining solder off of overloaded terminals, etc. So to have a big clunker taking up space on my work bench is a non option. Repairing and replacing damaged pads, often from previous rework, is all part of the job. -Arden

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