Re: How to record the calibration parameters of a 2465BDM to whatever memory device. & Perhaps a sea-relig! 2465 and what to do.

Tom Gardner

On 07/01/20 19:17, Panos wrote:
On Tue, Jan 7, 2020 at 08:27 PM, Tom Gardner wrote:

As a fallback, take a video.....
Yes Tom I know, but unfortunately is useful only if you have a GPIB option on your oscilloscope and very very patience to work with this.
If you have the information, you can find a way of using an external programmer to put the info into the new ic.

The GPIB is not necessary.

But even then, if/when the earom lost a constant, this is a sign that it has come its end of life and need to replace.
You have to proactively capture the contents before any part of it is lost!

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