Re: Tektronix 532 LV rail shorted


On 01/07/2020 07:35 AM, george gonzalez wrote:>
> Those kinds of shorts are hard to find.

(rest of that posting trimmed for brevity)

Back when I worked for NASA-JPL in the 1970s we had another way
to find shorted power supplies... Our group of 26 techs was
responsible for the 24x7x366 maintenance of over 5,000 pieces of
equipment from over 300 manufacturers. One piece was a custom
designed and one-off build that had over 950 TTL chips and a
bypass cap for every two chips... and multiple 30 amp supplies
at 5 volts... and Murphy's Law says that the manufacturer had
a bad batch of bypass caps that would randomly short.

Try and locate a micro-ohmmeter.

With that piece of gear you could "walk" down the 5 volt buss
and watch the meter reading get lower and lower until you were
less than 3 inches from the bad cap. Swap that one cap and
the equipment was back in operation (until the next one
shorted a month or two later).

Back in the 70s we borrowed a micro-ohmmeter from the NASA tech
equipment pool...
I do not remember who made it or how much it cost... but 50 years
later there is probably a less expensive and more readily
available one...

Mike Morris WA6ILQ

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