How to record the calibration parameters of a 2465BDM to whatever memory device. & Perhaps a sea-relig! 2465 and what to do.

Lawrance A. Schneider

I recently bought a RTB2004 fully calibrated. It has a waveform and pattern generator, protocol analyzer, logic analyzer, ... Another words, it has a lot of the tools I wanted to get anyway. Yes, I spent some of my hard earned retirement.

I have no way of calibrating anything.

I also have a 2465BDM and an older 2465. I bought the BDM after I sold a 2445B to a friend; I originally got the 2445B as a throwaway from a company. I had bought the 2465 as a project. It had problems with flicker which I found to be entirely a fault with probes. After fixing the problem of the probes, I found that I missed some of the functionality the 2445B gave me over the 2465. Thus the 2465BDM.

So, I have a 2465 and a 2465BDM. I really have no place in my study to have the 2465BDM and 2465 set up for use. The 2465 is sitting on a shelf. The 2465 is not in any way calibrated.

I have been comparing many many measurements using both my new RTB and the BDM. When I bought the BDM there were no guaranties as to calibration. I have found every comparative measurement between the BDM and the RTB with to be within less than 0.5%. WOW.

Now, the most important question: How do back up the 2465BDM? Seems like a vey good idea!

And now the possible sac-relig! I keep reading about the problems people have with the U800 chip. Should I keep the 2465 or sell it or dissemble it and store the parts away were I to develop problems with my BDM.

Please don't shoot me. It just seems a shame to have the 2465 doing NOTHING.

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