Re: Tektronix 532 LV rail shorted

george gonzalez <grg2gonzalez@...>

Those kinds of shorts are hard to find.

If you have an AC current clamp you could try measuring the current in the secondary wires when your light-blob is in the primary. That will help narrow down the shorted circuit.

Without an AC clamp, but with a big variac or big light bulbs, turn the current up to a couple of amps or with a 250 watt bulb, leave it there for five minutes, then unplug the power supply, and very carefully sniff around or feel for hot diodes.

Or as a last resort start unsoldering secondary wires, one at a time, until the short goes away and the primary lamp gets real dim.

Tiresome, but the only way I know of.

The good news is if a capacitor blew, it’s probably not a shorted transformer.

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