Re: Tek 576 Curve Tracer USB port to a cpu ... ?


Arduino has potential Pi is too much like a computer... well is a computer. I have had this rolling around in my head for a while as to how to do this, I was even thinking of omitting all the HV stuff tapping off the CRT driver pins digitizing the inputs and driving a VGA port with them. Some challenges I have come across already. computer monitors are raster driven. Not X-Y driven so we would need to time the raster. Not TOO huge a deal with a curve tracer but a scope the sweeps are WAY to fast for a computer monitor. Color not really an issue due to the curve tracers being monochrome. You can just set some values and make it a color. The 576 has a sweep rate of 60Hz so it would lend its self to a conversion however the BIG one is how to get the grid lines on the image. These would have to be driven digitally given they are etched in to the glass. So not sure how to do that part yet but I think an Arduino has 1024 value ADC full scale. Then of course can we get it through a calibration process to aline everything. We would need about 60FPS at a res of 1024x768 monochrome with and adjustable persistence as a possible feature upgrade to aid in the matching of transistors. By REALLY being able to over lay the traces. But I really like the idea of a 576 with a 19 inch screen.

On 1/6/2020 6:40 PM, Mlynch001 wrote:
Seems like they are getting a premium for their interface. But they are also the only game in town. If you want to play, I suppose one should prepare to pay dearly? I wish some of the brilliant minds in the group would come up with something reasonable. Arduino or Raspberry Pi seem to have potential, I am not at all familiar with either.

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