Re: Tektronix 570 Vacuum Tube Curve Tracer on eBay

Dan Cordova <danny_cordov@...>

Can't speak for the submarines, and I've been out of the military since Gulf War I, but other than some TWT's and a couple other EW jamming tubes- I can't remember seeing any vacuum tubes in military aircraft.  
I wondered myself what tubes were used in the bomb radar mentioned in an earlier email, never found out.  Those tubes would be in bonded storage, with limited access.  Not even sure what happens to those tubes once the weapon system that used the tubes is upgraded?
Maybe somewhere in the USA there's a big building with thousands of 300B vacuum tubes and other sought after vacuum tubes?

On Monday, January 6, 2020, 3:08:52 PM PST, John Williams <books4you@...> wrote:

I remember selling a number of vacuum tube items to contractors for the military. They bought a bunch of 160 series indicators, power supplies and such. I was told that they were still in use in submarines and never were replaced, I suppose if it works, keep it. I can imagine that there is a lot of tube equipment out there for the same reason. It’s a nice feeling actually.

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