Tektronix 532 LV rail shorted


Good Morning All,

I have a very clean Tek 532 that has a problem I cannot solve. There is something wrong in the Low Voltage Power Supply specifically the -150V section. The symptoms are as follows:

1.) C640 had blown it's internals out

2.) R100 was shorted and burned

3.) Cannot plug the unit in to check voltages. With a dim bulb tester there is clearly a short somewhere.

I replaced C640 and R100. I checked all associated tubes and caps. No improvement. Clearly I am missing something or the transformer my be shot. Problem is that I do not have the diagnostic skills to go any further. I would like to get a second opinion or three before I sign the death certificate. Any help would be appreciated.

I uploaded some photos and schematics in a folder "Tek 532" I was unable to figure out how to put them in the message.



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