Re: 454 screen brightness issues?

Chuck Harris

I saw that once in a 2456B's CRT. An internal weld between
a strap and an element broke, leaving an open circuit on
the CRT's intensity (control) grid .

The symptom was the intensity started out low, readout seemed
fine, and the beam could be moved with the intensity control,
but the beam kept getting brighter and brighter.

-Chuck Harris

Mlynch001 wrote:

wondering if maybe the grid assembly was knocked loose during shipping
maybe? I'm not intimately familiar with the CRT construction, so maybe
someone more well-acquainted with Tek's CRTs could give me some idea of
what may be going on...
While fixing my newest 465 I recall seeing a post where a 465 had a similar problem. The OP found an internally disconnected Grid pin. Here is the post.

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