454 screen brightness issues?

Jack Ohme

I received a verified-working Tek 454 scope from eBay, and it seems to now,
after shipping, have an issue where the CRT is incredibly bright, like
we're talking burn-a-hole-in-your-vision bright. Naturally I immediately
powered it off, fearing damage to the CRT, and upon turning it back on to
test it, dialing the trace way off the screen, there is still a sizeable,
though not dangerous, glow from electron splash. The grid appears to be at
-150 to -190 volts depending on the brightness setting, and the grid bias
trimmer does essentially nothing, moving the grid bias by around 8 volts
only (not sure if this is a fault or just the design). I checked for a G-K
short, but its about 25 megaohm between (in-circuit), so looks good. I'm
wondering if maybe the grid assembly was knocked loose during shipping
maybe? I'm not intimately familiar with the CRT construction, so maybe
someone more well-acquainted with Tek's CRTs could give me some idea of
what may be going on...

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