Re: Tektronix 570 Vacuum Tube Curve Tracer on eBay


SMU is source measure unit. From the KB i saw from Keithley there is a way to do curve tracing with the 2461 and the 2471. It requires 2 units at $9,600 each an interconnecting cable cat 5 on each out to a computer which has the Keithley lab suite software. I think the setup is one SMU for collector voltage and the other controls base current. The units sweep some set points then the software plots and excel style graph from the measured points. There was a KB that Keithley put out on how to set everything up I will see if i can dig it up.

On 1/5/2020 10:51 AM, peter bunge wrote:
So what is a SMU?

SMU Singapore Management University
SMU Southern Methodist University
SMU Saint Mary's University *(Halifax, Nova Scotia; Philippines)*
SMU Solid (Waste) Management Unit
SMU Saint Mary's University of Minnesota
SMU Sikkim Manipal University *(India)*
SMU Suomen Merimies-Unioni *(Finnish: Finnish Seamen's Union)*
SMU Sindicato Médico del Uruguay
SMU Storage Migrator for Unix
SMU Shanghai Maritime University *(Shanghia, China)*
SMU Santa Monica United *(soccer; California)*
SMU Swansea Metropolitan University *(UK)*
SMU Sekolah Menengah Umum *(Indonesian High school)*
SMU Special Management Unit
SMU Services Médicaux d'Urgence *(French: Emergency Medical Services)*
SMU Southern Mississippi University
SMU Special Mission Unit *(US DoD)*
SMU System Management Utility
SMU Smallest Mining Unit
SMU Start Me Up
SMU Southeastern Massachusetts University *(formerly used, now Umass)*
SMU Source Measurement Unit
SMU Storage Management Utility *(data storage)*
SMU Special Make Up
SMU Selective Mining Unit
SMU Sociedad Mexicana de Urología
SMU System Managed Undo *(Oracle Databases)*
SMU Sediment Management Unit
SMU Supply Management Unit
SMU Sassy Management Unit
SMU Small Marching Unit
SMU Switch Multiplexer Unit
SMU Secure Mobile Unit
SMU Service Meter Unit
SMU Scrutin Majoritaire Uninominal *(French: Single Member Plurality)*
SMU Service Management Unit
SMU Strategic Market Unit
SMU Switch Multiplex Unit
SMU Svenska Missionskyrkans Ungdomsförbund
*(Swedish Christian Youth Organisation)*
SMU Storage Management Unit
SMU Secours Médical d'Urgence
*(French: Emergency Medical Relief; various organizations)*
SMU Subscriber Module Urban
SMU Single-Word, Multiple-Bit Upset
SMU Software Maintenance Update *(Cisco)*
SMU Speaker/Microphone Unit *(US NASA)*
SMU System Master Unit
SMU Sindh Madressah University *(Karachi, Pakistan)*
SMU Shelter Management Unit *(US FEMA)*
SMU Space Management Utility
SMU Small and Medium-Sized Undertaking
SMU System Measurement Unit
SMU Simple Mail Users
SMU Space Self Maneuvering Unit
SMU Secours Mondial d'Urgence *(French: World Emergency Relief)*
SMU Super Module Unit
SMU Super Millionaire University
*(fictional, from TV show Gilligan's Island)*
SMU Smoke Me Up
SMU Safe Mode Utility
SMU Special Maintenance Unit *(India)*

On Sun, Jan 5, 2020 at 10:10 AM Eric <> wrote:

Is there a modern version of these curve tracers? From what I have seen
the 300 series seems to be about the top end. I know you can get the
same functionality today but you need 2 X $10,000 SMU's, and a computer,
and software so call it a $25,000 setup though given the catalog price
of the 576 and the 300's doesn't sound so bad now that I say it.

On 1/5/2020 6:59 AM, cnc_joker via Groups.Io wrote:
A long time ago in the early 80's the Massachusetts hams ran an auction
at Honeywell Inc
in Billerica. You could bring your old electronic stuff and they would
auction it off. It was
great fun and always well attended.

Anyway, one guy brought a 370 to be auctioned. As he wheeled it in on
a cart the crowd
chuckled. When it went up for auction it sold for $1 and the
auctioneer had a hard time
getting even that! Between then and now, what a great return on that

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