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Hi David,
It's not a rumor. It's a fact. I concur with Craig - the uTracer6 looks like it will meet the needs of almost everyone.

The current product, uTracer3, is an extremely impressive product and proof that this guy knows what he is doing. I thought this was brilliant when I first saw it 2 years ago. The only improvement I thought it needed was higher plate voltage and current and a greater range of grid voltage. It looks like that is the minimum improvement he is working on for the new version. I'm sure it will have other capabilities as well.

I'm not sure why he thinks there is a need for so much positive grid voltage but that is probably because he didn't realize there are OpAmps that can work off of asymmetric voltages. That would let him increase the negative grid voltage range by reducing the positive grid voltage range the same amount. For instance the -100V to +100V range for the control grid would make more sense if the range was -150V to +50V.

Dennis Tillman W7PF

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But I'm not sure what the advantage of a 570 is over something like
the Utracer3+. If its voltage, I'll mention rumor has it, Ronald
is working on a v6 that'll do 1KV plate & screen....

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The latest design intent from uTracer. Looks impressive!


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uTracer6 weblog online

Dear uTracer friends,

Let me start by wishing you and everybody dear to you a great and above all healthy 2020!

The uTracer3 has been around for a number of years now and over time many people have asked me for higher voltages and higher currents. It is not so easy to come to a design that hits the sweet spot between performance on one hand and simplicity on the other hand. I think I am now on the right track for a well-balanced design, and I felt confident enough to start a web-log about it. The target specs for the uTracer6 are 1000V @ 1A for anode and screen, and a -100V to +100V range for the control grid. The coming months I will add chapters to the blog as the work progresses.

Once a year I ask people who have built a uTracer and who are satisfied with it to send me a few pictures and a few lines for my testimonial page. If you have not done so, please take a few minutes time to do so. it is highly appreciated!

warm regards,
Marie-José & Ronald

Dennis Tillman W7PF
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