Re: Tektronix 570 Vacuum Tube Curve Tracer on eBay


Is there a modern version of these curve tracers? From what I have seen the 300 series seems to be about the top end. I know you can get the same functionality today but you need 2 X $10,000 SMU's, and a computer, and software so call it a $25,000 setup though given the catalog price of the 576 and the 300's doesn't sound so bad now that I say it.

On 1/5/2020 6:59 AM, cnc_joker via Groups.Io wrote:
A long time ago in the early 80's the Massachusetts hams ran an auction at Honeywell Inc
in Billerica. You could bring your old electronic stuff and they would auction it off. It was
great fun and always well attended.

Anyway, one guy brought a 370 to be auctioned. As he wheeled it in on a cart the crowd
chuckled. When it went up for auction it sold for $1 and the auctioneer had a hard time
getting even that! Between then and now, what a great return on that investment.


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