Re: SG5030 and SG504 leveling heads


Indeed and finding a modern replacement for those latching relays isn't easy! I looked at making an SG5030 head replacement, but no-one at the time had a dead levelling head and I also hadn't got an SG5030 to test against.

Could I do one - yes. If you want to use anything from the original SG504 head design you'll find the write up on my website:


If you do go down that route I have hand drawn schematic from the original designer that shows a few component value changes from mine.


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Hi Melvin,

Maybe you allready know? Out of some private correspondence with another TekScopes member:

" NOOT: the 015-2350-01 SG5030 Leveling Head has indeed the same RF switches as the earlier mentioned CG's and DC's. Also it has the same Hybrid as used in the SG504 Leveling Head. "


Egge Siert

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