Re: TDS694C 50 Ohm Overload


If that is the case then looks like you need to continue looking for that parts donor. Do you know if a TDS644b shares that part? I saw one for sale the other day.


On Jan 4, 2020 5:54 PM, Stephen Hanselman <> wrote:

I think, underline think, that a good number of those fails are due to bad
relay contacts but cannot prove that yet.


Stephen Hanselman
Datagate Systems, LLC
On Jan 4, 2020, at 14:01, Reginald Beardsley via Groups.Io
<> wrote:

If it works on the higher setting, the problem is in the input section
ahead of the ADC.  I'd look for a burned 50 ohm resistor. Or perhaps a
cracked solder joint.

I saw several of these on ebay with the SPC fail, but had been unable to
find any information about what might be wrong with such a unit.  How did
you get the input damage information?


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