SG5030 and SG504 leveling heads


I've considered doing a head leveling replacement for the SG5030, but without one on hand to develop on it has not happened. The SG504 head I made runs at nearly double the frequency range of the SG5030 so I imagine it is quite possible to develop.

The capital Investment for the SG5030 and the mainframe for it makes the exercise not a sustainable one so far, unless the replacement heads have some guaranteed sales.

My development of a SG504 head occurred because I own a SG504 and found that the David P's groundbreaking head kit was a bit difficult to assemble/use without an OEM head housing on hand (and also required an additional calibration step) . So offering a more compact, complete working head in a custom enclosure negated the need for the DIY calibration. Overall the community supported my efforts and the head I designed/built still sells occasionally (one every 2 months or so) online on EBAY, but I rarely promote it now as I have other products in the pipeline to manufacture.

However, never say never. I may have the opportunity one day to work with the SG5030.

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