Re: Push-push switch repair (need some theory of operation)

Greg Muir

Bob Krassa is very correct in regards to not using WD40 for switch (and potentiometer) cleaning/lube. When used the light volatile carrier eventually evaporates leaving a heavy sticky Cosmoline type grease film that loves to collect crud. As a demonstration spray some WD40 on a tool, don’t wipe it off and leave it for a few weeks and see what happens.

One first has to flush the switch with a compatible solvent (I see that Tek recommends IPA in their switch repair document) followed by a suitable lubricant and/or deoxidant. Many lean towards the Caig DeoxIT products as have I in the past but eventually came upon a product made by MG Chemicals called “Super Contact Cleaner” that has mysteriously similar characteristics as compared to the Caig products but at a considerably lower cost for larger quantities (I am not affiliated with either manufacturer or product offering). I have never had a problem using it on any switch or pot.

In all, it is not recommended to “goop up” switches and controls with those household products that don’t list use on delicate electronic devices. I always cringe when I open a piece of previously doctored equipment where the “doctor” used a non-recommended cleaner & lube and end up either cleaning all of the controls or having to replace them.


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