Re: Push-push switch repair (need some theory of operation)


This swithc looks similar to the one in the Sencore PR57 AC Powerite. The basic operation is that pushing the button has to cause the latch bar to move sideways. In these switcches that as done by pushing on a fairly steep, small ramp. Looks like the ramp is on the little star wheel. Using small steep ramps to get lateral motion requires a bit of lubrication to keep the ramp smooth and working. In the Powerite, the ramps are on tiny plastic pieces.

I suggest taking the board out but before you unsolder the switch from the board, try flooding the switch with your favorite plastic-safe combination cleaner-lubricant and gently moving the parts back and forth. As a preventive measure, when these switches start to become difficult, do not use force, instead take them out and clean and lube. Do not use WD40.

73 Bob Krassa ACØJL

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