Re: 577D1 itching issue - Haven't touched since, currently in storage


Hello all, fine notes on 577 and variacs! The 576 is essential for power electronics design and debugging.
This monster is robust, in 25- 30 years, I have never serviced it except to replace blown out scale illum or fiber alpha display lamps! Inside clean as can be.

1/ See the app notes from GenRad/IEC and Superior Electric for brush care and function:
The manufacturers of the Variacs and Powerstats have replacement brushes available.

2/ I swapped my 577 decades ago, results on my 576 (including 100A 176 pulser!):

Step gen ON, < 0.2 div noise and trace with variac at 0. regardless of voltage range setting 15 V - 1500 V
Step gen OFF, perfect round focused dot at 0,0 regardless of voltage range setting.

I doubt if the 576 and 577 differ much in this result. Perhaps the same small variac?

Just the ramblings of an old retired EE


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