Re: TDS694C nvram and tektool

Ragnar S

Hi Gudjon,

This is really funny - I have too played around with tektool (and tekfwtool, getcaldata and tdsNvramFloppyTool) on Linux just the last days, working on TDS 694C:s.

So reading the NVRAM and firmware actually works for you when the scope is booted normally (without having flipped the NVRAM protection rocker switch), on GPIB address 1?
Does writing work too?

I have so far only gotten it to work in unprotected mode (which also sets the GPIB address to 29).

Also, if I leave the "*IDN?" request in the tektool program, it will not work in unprotected mode, so I have commented that out.
I have firmware version v6.3e and v6.4e.

Here is a link to my versions of the programs:

Best regards,

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