Re: TDS694C nvram and tektool

Gudjon Gudjonsson

Hi all

Thanks for the answers.

On Tue, Dec 31, 2019 at 1:01 PM John Miles <john@...> wrote:

The TDS 694C's in-house code name is reported to be SCREAMER, but that password didn't work when I tried it, either

Also, there are various structs that appear to be used to access hardware fields at specific offsets, but there is no packing applied. I added #pragma pack (1) just as a guess.
I added pragma pack but it doesn't change the hexdump and it is
consistent with the cmd structures with and without the pragma.

George has the program working on a Win98 machine. I asked him to send
me the the debug (-dd) output and I hope that will solve the problem
at least give a hint.

Do I need to flip the nvram protection switch to read the content?

Do you know if the the commands used in the program are documented anywhere?


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