Re: MEMBERS PLEASE READ: Our annual payment is due in 2 weeks.

Jeff Davis

Contribution sent. Thanks, Dennis for your superb stewardship of this valuable shared resource!

Jeff N0DY

From: <> on behalf of Dennis Tillman W7PF <>
Sent: Monday, December 30, 2019 7:42 PM
To: <>
Subject: [TekScopes] MEMBERS PLEASE READ: Our annual payment is due in 2 weeks.

Hello everybody,
In a few minutes it will be 2020. This is much further into the future than
I thought I'd ever see. Years ago I was sure someone would have developed a
tiny ultra-thin LED display that can be imbedded into a credit card by 2020.
It would display your current outstanding balance every time the card was
inserted in a reader. If my non-futuristic credit cards only had this
imbedded into them I would certainly not be in my present predicament. I
maxed out both cards and my wife took them away. I found this puzzling
because the cards still look the same even though they don't work anymore.
It is clear to her that she can't afford to keep me. She has made this very
clear to me often in the past 2 weeks.

Since we moved to I have been paying the annual fee they charge to
host us. I did this for two reasons:
* It was expedient when we first joined because the demise of Yahoo seemed
imminent and this was the fastest way to get up and running on
* Later when I asked for suggestions on alternate ways to pay for
I didn't see anything I liked. I thank you for all of them, they were all
fine. It seemed as if they would create extra work and, more importantly,
consume more of my time (which is in very short supply). I kept each of your
suggestions for future consideration.

In 2 weeks the total amount I will have paid will be $340. This is
significant enough that I have to do something about it, and more
importantly, I need to get back into my wife's good graces. So I am asking
for small contributions via PayPal if possible to be sent to If you include a note along with each contribution
saying it is for that will make it easier to track. See the
postscript at the end of my post for a no-fee way to send money with PayPal.

If PayPal doesn't work for you my address is 13808 NE 26th Place, Bellevue,
WA 98005 USA. If you have an extremely rare or unusual 7000 series plugin
that is definitely an acceptable form of payment but I must advise you I
probably already have it so contact me first.

I plan to give an accounting of the total to the group once the
contributions stop. Anything over $340 will be set aside. I will find out if will let me pay for the following year (or years) so we don't have
to worry if I get hit by a truck. I will press them hard to let me do this
at the old price of $110/yr.

This is the billing summary for TekScopes:
Invoice Date Plan Payment Method
Amount Paid By
#3055 01/13/19 Premium Visa XXXX XXXX XXXX 7319 USD $110
#814 01/13/18 Premium Visa XXXX XXXX XXXX 7319 USD $110
#793 12/13/17 Premium Visa XXXX XXXX XXXX 7319 USD $10
The next payment of $110 is due 01/13/2000. NOTE: It appears the annual
price for the Premium Yearly Plan will go up the first of the year to $220.

Dennis Tillman W7PF

P.S. This is a way to send money via PayPal with minimal or no fee:
* Choose "Send and Request".
* By default the Send tab will be chosen for you.
* In the "Send Money" field enter
* Next PayPal will ask you: "Sending to a Friend" or "Paying for an invoice
or service"?
* Choose "Sending to a friend".
* Enter the amount.
* Press next and choose your bank account to avoid the PayPal fee.
* Press the "Send the Money" button.
* Include your email address and TekScopes ID in the Notes section.
* Chose "Send to friends and family internationally".
* Select the country you are sending to (USA).
* To keep the fee to 1% where it says "Select your delivery method" choose
"Send to a PayPal Balance".
* Under "You Send", enter whatever amount in local currency converts to the
correct US currency.
* Press next.
* The email account you will be sending to is
I can't help you after this point in PayPal because I was not outside the
USA to see what happened next.
* Include your email address and TekScopes ID in the Notes section.

Dennis Tillman W7PF
TekScopes Moderator

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