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The high-amplitude output is used to stimulate the Tek tunnel diode
pulser for Vertical Transient Response calibration. The unit I made to
replace the Tek Pulser operates at 10 V, so I didn't need the high-amplitude
output called out in the procedure.
The PG506 Cal Gen "standard" output is a 1 KHz square wave
adjustable form 100 uV to 5 V into a 50 ohm load. I used my BK Prec 4045B
Sig Gen for these outputs.
The markers were generated from my Wavetek 801 Pulse generator, good
to 50 MHz. I couldn't verify the 2 nS requirement in the cal procedure.
I used my Wavetek 1001A leveled sinewave RF sig gen to verify
flatness to 300 MHz; the procedure called for verification to 350 MHz.


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what signal/pulse generators did you use specifically? specially to replace
the PG506

I think somewhere there is a need for pulses with high amplitude like 25V
or 50V, isn't it?

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