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Jose Alfredo

Gerry, yesterday I adjusted the 10V voltage and runned through the crt adjustment procedures. The screen is now absolutely normal. It could, indeed, have been a previous attempt to calibrate the oscilloscope. Now I'm studing how to finish all the steps required to finish the calibration.

One thing I noticed is that the vertical readings are wrong. when I input a 2 Vpp saquare wave (or any other wave form), it shows something near 2.5 Vpp. I think the self call procedures will repair this. What do you think  about that?

Em 26/12/2019 21:09, GerryR escreveu:

One of the calibration procedures produces those series of dots when setting the vertical limits, if I remember correctly.  It would appear that whatever initiates that procedure is somehow "stuck on." I'll try to find which procedure it is and report back.


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Hello everybody,

I just bought this Tektronix 2465 oscilloscope here in Brazil. When turned on, you can see blinking dots on both, upper and down fields, that show the unit status - see my video on Have any of you had any similar experience that could help me fixing it?


Jose Alfredo C. Santos

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