Re: Tektronix 2465

Jose Alfredo

Well, I am giving a try. I have a tektronix TBS1102 that could help me, for the #7 item in 4-2 table for required test equipment. For item #5 I have a B&K 4053B. I'm worried about the Time Maker (#6), the primary and secondary sine wave generators (#2 and #3). Just don't have any equipment to use.

Do you think I could use a pulse signal to generate the time marks?

I've seen a video, once, from w2aew channel on youtube, on witch he built a circuit for a fast ramp square wave generate. Don't know if I could adapt it for 200 MHz (and even 500 MHz) easily. Don't even know if it would be possible. I search through the procedures to verify where should I use it, and the frequencies I'll need.

Yesterday, I started the adjustment procedures. I adjusted the 10V as specified and the voltages and ripples were all ok. Also, I have done all the crt adjustments and stopped on the self cal procedures. I'll need to study them before going through.

Panos, do you think I'm going the wright way? Do you have any sugestions for the high frequencies I'll have to deal with?

Em 27/12/2019 01:44, Panos escreveu:

The most common tactic to start with this, is to measure the voltages for the correct levels on the main board connector J119.

Afterward it will need to replace all the electrolytic capacitors on both boards of your power supply. The same exist and for five yellow capacitors branded as Rifa there.
There is X and Y 275VAC types.

But think twice before you spent a penny for this!! Have you a way to do all the calibration by yourself? It need very specific and time consuming procedure for this, plus very expensive calibration tools.
There is also a case of needing some original TEK genuine spare parts.

I'm not trying to disappoint you. But I say things the way they are. ;-)

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