Re: tektronix 7S14 batteries and time base question


On Thu, Dec 26, 2019 at 04:39 AM, Gary Robert Bosworth wrote:

It is a shame that the original spacing for the batteries was so tight. I
realize the need to keep the leads short, but it makes it difficult to
replace the Mercury cells in such a tight spot. It would be nice if
someone could come up with a tiny hybrid fix that could be dropped into the
small footprint.
Bruce Griffiths wrote:
Just use SMT LEDs.
However the photocurrent will need to at least 50 uA to ensure that output impedance is low enough.
A shunt capacitor across the output LED may also be required.
Leon Robertson wrote:
Would a led to photodiode optocoupler work?
A lot has been written about this subject over the years and several people showed their (photovoltaic) suggestions.
- A few years ago, Ed Breya made a nice write up about this subject on Tekwiki under "7S14/Repairs":

- My LED-LED album "7S14 sampler mod using LED Photovoltaics" in the photos section of this Group and on TekWiki ("7S14").


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