Type 576 HV transfomer replacement part. UPDATE


Good Morning!

Here is an update on my Type 576 Curve Tracer HV Transformer replacement project.

I have completed the testing phase without a problem. The transformer and unit ran for a total of 135 hours including approximately 60 on-off-on power cycles. Performance of the rest of the unit was perfect throughout the test. Output voltages were stable and remained within nominal ranges (as noted previously) throughout the test. The transformer (and unit) ran at ambient temperatures of between 50 - 85 deg Fahrenheit, exhibiting no signs of heating, when checked with a non-contact thermometer. This was a non-destructive test, I was not willing to expose my Type 576 to abnormal conditions or excess stress. Therefore, I do not know which (if any) abnormal condition would cause this transformer to fail. All in all, this transformer has proven reliable and I am ready to place my initial order with the factory. Please let me know before Friday, January 5th, 2020 as to your desire to purchase one or more of these as previously discussed. I am offering this pricing to Members in order to say "thank you" for all the patience, kindness, assistance and advice that many on this forum have freely provided to me over the past couple of years.

Here are some more details:

1. Cost to members of this group on this initial order: $107.50 each, including USPS Priority Mail Shipping to the USA only.
2. International shipping is in addition and based on cost to your address by USPS. International Buyers are responsible for any and all local taxes, tariffs or duty assessed on their shipment.
3. Limited Warranty is provided: Warranty term is 6 months from Date of Original Purchase and to the original buyer only. This is a NON-COMMERCIAL Warranty. Other terms and conditions may apply
4: Any units not spoken for by members of the group will be sold on E-Bay at a substantial premium over "member" price above (Plus shipping).
5. Payments for units purchased must be completed by Pay Pal on a Pre-Paid basis. Anyone else wanting one (or more), may contact me off list at @mlynch001 and I will send payment instructions to you privately.
6. Members who previously reached out to me for this product are encouraged to contact me to confirm your needs and to make payment arrangements before Jan 5, 2020.
7. Any Members having additional questions or comments may also contact me off list at @mlynch001

Finally, I want to give a heartfelt "THANK YOU" to Chuck Harris, who graciously provided critical guidance and essential advice for me during this project. As always, Chuck was unselfish and very detailed as to what I had to do to be successful. Without his advice and encouragement, my confidence in proceeding with this project would not be nearly as high. Chuck is a seemingly bottomless well of knowledge and never holds back in sharing that knowledge and experience with others on this forum. To all the others of the group who offered advice, encouragement and interest in this project, I thank you as well.

Looking forward to a few long dead Type 576 Curve Tracers rising from the ashes.


Michael Lynch
Dardanelle, AR

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