Tek 475 with no +15v Supply, help needed


First if all, woukd like to wish all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
I recently bought a 475 scope,  which is not cosmetically beautiful, but all components are original not a sign of previous maintenance. 
I am trying to fix the power supply. This time I do have the 2450 V, so I was glad because of the hard to obtain high tension multiplier.
I've tested the power supply :
110V = OK
50V = OK
5V = OK
+15V = 0 V
-15V = 0 V
-8V = 0 V

Are the regulation comparators of both -8 and -15v powered by the +15V. ? So, my problem comes from this line.
I measured the resistance between +15V and GND and I got 0.2 OHMS.
There is a short-cut between the +15 and GND. I had disconnected the vertical board terminals, and opened the white jump in the main board.
I had checked all tantalum capacitors in the main board that goes from +15V line, disconnected one leg and diodes to ground too.
Many thanks to all !
Sam Rocha 

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