Re: 1502 TDR project - using bench supply

Harvey White

Be very careful with the amp hour ratings on the C size cells. Some manufacturers put an AA sized cell in a big wrapper for the C form factor.  You might be just as happy with AA, depending.  You may find that *real* C sized batteries have a significantly larger rating then the fakes.  We're talking name brands here.


On 12/24/2019 1:17 PM, Mark Pilant wrote:
Just to wrap this up....

Since I have been only having marginal success with the cap/resistor
NiCd substitute, I have decided on my alternative.

My plan is to cut some aluminum blanks the same size as the finned
end plate of the original battery pack.  From there, I'll drill the
necessary holes to allow the new plate to be screwed to the TDR (with
the original thumb screws) as well as the original plastic battery

I'll then drill a hole in the new plate for a standard coaxial power
connector to allow an external wall supply to be connected to the
banana plugs of the original.  The original end plate will just be
kept in the cover; so it doesn't get separated from the unit.

I was thinking of making up one battery pack, but so far, all the
"C" side NiCd flat top batteries are too long by about 0.1".  In
looking around, the "shorter" ones appear to have all been flat top
batteries, while the "longer" ones were the button top batteries.
However, now even the flat top batteries seem to have the same length
at the button top batteries.  Sigh.

- Mark  N1VQW

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