Re: Tek 576 Curve Tracer HV Transformer winding


How is the transformer testing going? I find my self in need of 1 or 2 when
they are ready.


On Sun, Dec 22, 2019, 9:16 AM magnustoelle via Groups.Io <magnustoelle=> wrote:

Good Day,
wow, what a nice surprise of a critical replacement part for the 576
Very nice work from what I have seen, Michael!
Have a wonderful holiday time.
Greetings from Bavaria, Germany,

Yes, you are exactly right the plastic screw is a critical item with this
type of core and mounting method. My instructions will include those
important details with the finished product. This little tidbit of
information came to me while researching specifics for this product
construction. The reason that we did not use clips was that this would
have made the core effectively wider and may not have fit. This was also
cheaper to produce. I decided to use the existing center hole and plastic
screw as an alternative to the clips. Obviously, I had to drill a hole,
centered between the two existing holes to mount the new transformer from.
I can also provide a 3D printed "adapter" for those who do not wish to
drill another hole in their instrument. More to come very soon.

Michael Lynch
Dardanelle, AR

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