2465 manuals - which is considered best? most searchable? through? etc.

Lawrance A. Schneider

Below please find a list of my 2465 - 67 manuals. I have others, but what I want to know is how do they differ. i.e NOT ONE IS IDENTICAL TO ANOTHER. I know I can compare them in bbedit or vi and others, but that is not my point. When someone cites a specific section of the manual by page or whatever, to which manual are they referring?

Mr Harris referenced: CA3046 transistor arrays. I find no such reference. Mr. Panos cited: Waveforms 28 and 46 on pages 238 and 239 in service manual. These appears in diagram No 5 in page 244.

I don't have anything relative to waveforms on pages 238 nor 239 nor 244. I do find a pulse waveform adjacent an hexagonal 28 within labeled "AUTO W/NO TRIGGER" and again hexagonal 46 unlabeled but they are on page 424.

Here is my list:

2465B - 2467B portable oscilloscope service manual 070-6863-00 no search.pdf
2465B - 2467B text_searchable 070-6863-00 somewhat search.pdf
2465B & 2467B Oscilloscopes 070-6863-01 Service Manual
2465B options and operator manual.pdf
2465B_2467B_Service_1993 070-6863-01.pdf
2465B, 2455B, 2445B Oscilloscopes and options Operators Manual (May 88) the manual number70-6860-00
2467B Library_text searchable 070-6861-00.pdf
2467B Ops text searchable.pdf

As a group, do we have a source to which we refer? In my list you may notice the manual number such as: 070-6863-00 BUT!!! 070-6863-00 and 070-6863-01 are called Service Manual when you open either. You my note I added at the end of a line: searchable or no search. That is, some I can search for "waveforms" and others I cannot.

Thank you, larry

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