Re: Paying it forward with David's Part's Exchange

David Berlind

Here's the crazy thing. Most of these parts just came with the things I
really wanted: 5 parts bins. I needed more bins to keep the parts that I
actually use. The guy sold them to me for $5 each and then he gave me 3 or
4 boxes just full of other stuff to go with it. For example, I think I have
about 200 brand new, individually wrapped banana jack extenders. But the
drawers in the bins were full. As I go through the inventory of stuff, some
of these parts sell for $3 or $4 each and I have anywhere between 10 and 40
of each. I'm guessing it's several thousand dollars in inventory that I got
for 25 bucks.

On Sun, Dec 15, 2019 at 9:40 PM nonIonizing EMF <nonionizingemf@...>

I recently ordered some components with the same thought and intent,
needed about 8 and had to order 50, though I noted on Hackaday. I'll
email you to update the list with the components I have once I get a more
accurate inventory. I have a bunch of 0603 SMD components also. Thanks

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