Re: 1502 TDR project - using bench supply



After searching for your album, I realized that there is typing error in the name, "Tex" instead of "Tek"



El 12/12/2019 a las 18:45, Greg Muir via Groups.Io escribió:

If you are going to continue to work on 1502/1503 units in the future it is wise to build up an external bench supply power adapter for these units. I did the very thing and also built up an extender for the chart recorders as well.

For the connection to the banana plug in the battery compartment I modified a standard dual banana plug by cutting off the plug end, turning it around and attaching it to a handle. If you do this be sure that you mark the insertion position on the handle so as not to incorrectly connect it to the TDR. The other end is simply a dual banana plug for connection to a bench supply. Of course the negative side is indicated by the little flag on the side of that connector.

I just posted photos in the album section titled “Tek 1502/1503 Test Adapters.”


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