1502 TDR project - number 2

Mark Pilant

Thinking I might find a use for a 1502 parts unit, I picked one up. Although
it was "parts only" I decided to see what kind of shape it was in.

NiCd batteries shot, and starting to leak a bit. So I tried connecting it
up to my bench supply (I'm using for my other 1502). After a bit of warm up
I get a nice horizontal trace on the CRT. Beam intensity and focus work fine.

So I figured, that the heck, I'll connect up a short piece of coax with a
50 ohm terminator. When I to this, the trace changes, but strangely. With
the coax connected, I see a nice "fat" trace, whose width changes with various
control settings.

The "fat" trace reminds me of looking at a high frequency signal on a scope,
with the horizontal trace set way too slow.

Just what I need... another project :-) :-) :-) Although maybe I'll be able
to may one working 1502 out of the two of them.

- Mark N1VQW

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