Re: "liquid crystal driver" sighting

p mc

I've updated TekWiki with the better images. Clearing browser cache & reloading the page may be required to see them.

Strange sidebar re the images: In October I thought there were better images but when I went to collect the images to crop , it seemed not so. Now prompted by keantoken to look again I see that on my phone the lo res image in the listing "expands" into the same lo res image on a cleaner background. So I chalked up the memory of better resolution to false/suggested memory, since "liquid crystal driver" appears in the description, and went ahead with the poorer images. This time, before the listing goes away, I went back with a desktop browser to get the better images with semi-legible front panel text.

The better picture almost shows the connector key slots. But not convincingly. So I'll not bias anyone else's speculation with my speculation.

Hopefully better images & info from Mr. Little will replace all that anyhow.

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