Re: 7A15A issue or limitation??


When the trigger mode is in "Vertical", the trigger is given
the exact signal the plugin is trying to display on the
screen: Single channel mode, gives the single channel.
Alternate mode, gives an alternation of Channel A and Channel B.
Chop mode gives a composite signal of a little bit of A, B,
and their vertical positions... A real dog's breakfast.

"Vertical mode" triggering is only valid when there is a
single vertical signal displayed on the screen, or you
in ALT (alternate) mode.

-Chuck Harris
Okay ... I understood ALT, CHOP, ADD etc .... individually ... but what I didn't grasp is the 'implication' of them collectively ...

If I can re-state what you said ... the selection of "VERT MODE/ALT and TRIG SOURCE/VERT MODE" is the only mode that requires two sweeps (one for trace A and one for trace B) and 2 different trigger events. All the other modes only require one sweep and one trigger event.

Doing some further experimenting with this today, I am finding that the 'jitter' is substantially less when I use higher bandwidth probes, and no co-ax, no bnc t-connector etc, to connect the Calibrator signal to the 7A15A's.

So ... somehow .... maybe this second trigger event is being compromised by my low BW equipment??

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