Re: Tek 3c66 Carrier Amplifier Bridge plug-in for the Tek 560 series scope

Tim Phillips

From Tim P (UK)
As you may have gathered from the manual, the 3C66, and 'big brother' Type
Q are very specialised plug-ins.
The only use is with transducers like pressure sensors and foil strain
I have one in a 564 with a Statham pressure transducer and a
pneumotachometer, but TBH it lacks sensitivity here.
I have also seen a 564 storage 'scope with two 3C66s in X/Y configuration
for displaying stress / strain curves.
It's a 'fun' thing if you have the transducers, and probably useful for
teaching about certain engineering concepts, but yes, it's a

On Mon, 25 Nov 2019 at 20:07, garp66 <@garp66> wrote:


Has anyone had experience with the Tek 3c66 Carrier Amplifier Bridge
plug-in for the 560 scope ?

It appears to amplify signals from variable impedance transducers &
sensors, such as strain gauges, according to the TekWiki

Are there any other interesting uses for it ?
Can this 3c66 plug-in be modified or harvested for other use ?

thank you,

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