Re: Yet another 7L5 issue (7L5 / 7854) below 10 kHz

Nenad Filipovic

Hi Cliff,

I wrote about a related problem in this message:
I also have the same issues with my 7L5/7854 as you reported (improper
reset and CF display below 10kHz), and my conclusion is that 7854 readout
processing does not conform to specification, so it's the 7854 firmware
issue. I summarized a part of it in the conversion document posted here:

So until someone dares to do brain surgery on 7854 ROMs, I doubt there's
much we can do. Tek did not touch it back in '82, so I figure it wasn't an
easy fix.
These recent microfiche scanning operations might reveal some project
documentation on 7854 firmware, though I'd be amazed if somebody fixed a 30
year old bug :) 7854 is still hard to beat even today.

Best Regards,
Nenad Filipovic

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