Re: 577 D1 function won't turn off


I have an update

I performed the 370V calibration on TP 2 to ground from the D1 storage board. I was about 365 so i put it right at 370

I took pictures of the adjustments on the D1 board and very carefully moved each one slightly back and forth and noted the display.

I fixed my problem by carefully turning down SENS COR from the 3 o'clock position to near the 12 o'clock position, the ghosting problem disappeared and the D1 storage appears to work correctly and turn off when I don't want it. I turned off the instrument and back on, a brief flash of the screen but the display came on free of storage display artifacts

All the other settings are default except 370V and SENS COR

Hopefully this might help anyone out by trying this, maybe reply with your results to see if this is my particular case or perhaps it is a fix hopefully for some people

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