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Dave Voorhis

It is a used CRT that the previous owner was told was extracted from a working unit, though “working” may or may not have included storage. The previous owner of my 577 didn’t know.

And that’s the reason for my question — before I (eventually) launch into storage calibration, I want to know whether or not it’s reasonable for the storage calibration settings that work for one CRT not to work for another. If it's typical for D1 CRTs to be interchangeable and the storage to essentially work — though perhaps not optimally — I’ll keep my eye out for another replacement.

Instead, if it’s typical (or at least reasonable) for changing the CRT to result in non-storage condition then I'll only look for a replacement CRT once I confirm it’s defective, if it is. ‘Erase’ does appropriately “green" the screen so I presume at least the flood guns are working.

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Hi Dave,
Was the replacement CRT a new CRT? If not new how do you know it was any good in the first place?
Dennis Tillman W7PF

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I have a 577 D1 that came with the original but weak CRT installed and a replacement CRT in a box. Storage mode on the original weak CRT worked well, but the primary trace was almost too dim to see.

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