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Hi DW,
After fixing this problem (others have suggested how already) you will discover that the trace dims considerably as soon as you get very close to 0V. This is not a bug. This is an important feature added to the 577 (it's not on any earlier model curve tracers) to prevent phosphor burn from occurring at the lower left (or upper right) corners of the CRT.
Dennis Tillman W7PF

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Subject: [TekScopes] 577 AC collector supply not reading zero on display

With the collector supply set to AC, the collector voltage set to 0 volts, and particularly with a lower volts / division selection (1V, 0.5V) I notice a horizontal line about 1 division wide appearing across the the display as if the collector supply isn't quite going to zero. Is there an adjustment to compensate for this? The line becomes a dot in either + or - collector polarity. The line becomes longer in length when selecting higher collector voltages in AC.


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