Re: 465B soft start?


On Mon, Nov 18, 2019 at 10:01 PM, Tom Gardner wrote:

Switching power supplies operate to keep the output power constant.
Hence if the input voltage is lower, the input current must be higher.

Increased current stresses components such as the rectifiers and
switching transistors.
The 465B has a linear power supply.
Low-spec'ed (if so) working voltage hasn't affected those caps for the past 35-odd years. Also, those are (were?) high-quality caps so I wouldn't bother. Epoxy-encapsulated (i.e. dipped) tantalum caps are another matter, especially those with little voltage headroom. The 465B is stuffed with those but slow-on won't help those much I'm afraid. Lots about all that to be found in this group.

Power-on current surge puts a strain on the bridge rectifiers. That has been an issue with some 465's.

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