Re: Air filters for 500 series.

John Williams

Right Chuck I agree. Thee biggest reason for overheating was poor maintenance. The filter was often not cleaned properly, but I think that even a dirty filter would still pass enough air to sufficiently cool the scope. More likely was a poorly maintained fan motor. If the motor was not regularly or properly lubricated, that would lead to it gradually slowing until finally seizing. Then the technician would pour oil into the oil holes on the motor but it would be too late. Oil would run down and coat the rear of the scope, which would eventually become a dirt encrusted mess. The only solution is to remove the fan, disassemble the motor and clean the crap out of the bushings. I have worked on some that even this extreme repair didn’t fix. That’s where a few spares come in handy. I also notice the dirtiest scopes are usually only dirty from the top, underneath they are pretty clean. I don’t know why this is, it’s as though they sat in a basement with the covers off.

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