Re: Air filters for 500 series.

John Williams

The mesh filters were used to eliminate or at least reduce emr emissions from the scope, which could seriously effect lab equipment. They also filtered air to some degree. Later Tektronix switched to foam filters. They then had to put a metal screen over the opening to reduce emr, as well as to prevent the foam from being sucked into the fan. The mesh filters were basically stove fan filters, and various sizes of these are readily available at the Depot of course.

I reason this way: The scopes may have been used in very dusty dirty environments and therefore needed an air filter. However most of us are running them in the house or garage. As the air in those locations is usually fit to breath, I don’t think a filter is necessary, unless the noise or emr is objectionable. I have used portions of furnace filters, but gave it up as too much of a hassle. So I have some scopes with filters, some without. I have not noticed any appreciable difference. However, maybe if I had a cat or dog (lab cat.?) I would find some hair in the scope or my nose.

I guess the scope is not fully restored unless it has the correct filter with Tektronix label on it. But what the hell.

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