Re: Tek 1503 in this group's bailiwick? Not exactly a scope...



By "squeezing" I am going to guess you mean "ticking" a common symptom of a switching power supply going in to protection mode because there is high current drain. Typically this is caused by shorted bypass capacitors usually tantalums on a DC bus somewhere but shorted transistors and IC's are usually right behind the caps as likely suspects

Dont know the history of the name, maybe because oscilloscopes was/is Tektronix strong suit. At any rate in general anything designed and manufactured by Tektronix has traditionally been discussed on here.

As another poster suggested go to the group web site and do a search. The one flaw with that approach is netiquette is not the strong suit of the group membership. Threads are often hijacked and you will find the contents of some of the messages with 1503 in the subject line have absolutely nothing to do with the 1503 . Other threads with info about the 1503 have nothing in the subject line because they in turn were hijacked threads from another topic.

If it were me I would do a search in the group archives first, if you dont find the solution to your problem then come back here with as much detail about what your problem looks like and I am sure we will try and help you

and good luck


On 11/12/2019 3:03 PM, george gonzalez wrote:
Is the Tek 1503 in this group's bailiwick? Not exactly a scope…

It seems to have “issues”. The switching power supply is squeezing more than switching.





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