Re: National Instruments GPIB-400

Arie de Muijnck

On 2019-10-02 23:12, Arie de Muijnck wrote:
Thanks for that AR488 info, that looks really good.
I was searching for a low cost USB-GPIB adapter.

BTW, did anyone ever buy this (looks new on aliexpress),
it's a compact open source Prologic compatible for about $20:
The open source is here:

Arie de Muijnck
Well, I bought one for about EUR 18 including shipping, it finally arrived - and works!
It shows up as a COM port, and uses a Prologix compatible communication protocol.

Checked using Teraterm, on 460 kBd: OK.
It is recognized by eg. the GPIB configurator from John Miles,
Tested it on my HP (sorry...) 54645D scope: OK.
Now I'll just have to find (or write) software to grab and process those deep 1Ms buffers...

Arie de Muijnck

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