Re: 2445 CH 3 and CH 4 vertical setting - volts/ div where ?

Chuck Harris

A free pdf file can be found on the BAMA site. You can find it by using
your favorite search engine.

Do you have real probes on those inputs? 10x probes have a resistor that
will identify the attenuation factor to the scope, and the scope will change
its scale readings to be 10x.

There is one selection button for each channel. If pressing one button causes
both channels to change their attenuation, you have a CPU board problem.

-Chuck Harris

vaclav_sal via Groups.Io wrote:

Thanks,I sort-of figured that out by myself late at night.I was using calibrator as a source and that of course is of fixed level.Basically these channels could be used to read 5V logic signals.
But the selection buttons seems to work on botch channels , not on individual channel.That is OK.

Right now I have some kind of vertical magnifier selected since the display on the CRT actually read 1 or 5 volts.I need to find free PDF manual.

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